What do you need?

[Coaching - recording] // [editing - submitting]

Let's sharpen your performance! Edit your acting reel and record your demo. Whether you work in film, TV or theatre: this is our specialty. CLIENTS HAVE BOOKED feature films, Broadway, network pilots, guest starring roles, and national tours -- all while impressing agents and casting directors with polished submissions. [Call, text or email to inquire about our catered competitive rates]

[consulting - developing] // [producing - creating]

With a keen interest in connecting to the artists' needs, SPAD NUGGET offers perspective from professionals actively working in the creative and performance industries. In addition to developing story and intention while guiding your idea through pre-production -- let us follow through with you to make your passion project something worth sharing.

Let's find the solution and take your art to the next level. We'll target what you want to accomplish, and make it happen.

[david Spadora]